Why buy our storage systems?

Data storage, retention and protection are the most important function your servers will ever do. Having stable, reliable, upgradeable storage systems from Nova Mesa Computers ensures that your data will be there when you need it. From CCTV storage to digital media creation and off-site backup and archiving, our storage systems will provide years of superior performance and easy expansion as your data needs grow.

Network Attached Storage Series

A compact and reliable Network Attached Storage system with Windows Storage Server pre-installed and room for years of data growth. Perfect for offices of up to 25 users who share documents, drawings and media files, including larger images, audio and high-definition video. Includes 4 hot-swap hard drive bays

From: $839

Up to 8 GB of RAM

Hot-swap hard drive bays

Up to 16 TB of hard drive space

Includes Windows Storage Server 2012 R2


Network Video Recording Series

24/7/365 performance, scalability and reliability backed by 3 years of on-site support and life-time phone support. Our NVR servers are made to record terabytes of CCTV streams, music tracks and video production, including 4K. You invest a lot in creating your data, make sure it’s ready when you need it.

From $1,099

Intel 5th Generation Xeon CPU

Western Digital 24/7 recording drives

Up to 240 TB of hard drive space

80-Plus high-efficiency power supplies


Backup & Disaster Recovery Series

Backing up your data is great, but what about recovery? Combine the “always ready” performance of our BDR servers with enterprise-class backup software to “spin up” any backup into a working virtual machine and be back up and running in minutes. Ideal as a Hyper-V or VMWare replication\restore server.

From: $1,489

Intel E5 (v4) Series Xeon CPU

Baseboard management port

Up to 64 TB of hard drive space in 8 hot-swap bays

Up to 10 Gbe network ports