Why buy our laptops?

Our laptops are a true replacement for your desktop computer. Solid state drives for fast access to programs and files (not to mention longer battery life and less heat); dedicated graphics processors for impressive visual performance; more durable construction and crystal clear LED monitors allow for compete mobile computing. Need the ultimate in mobile computing power? We even offer the most powerful laptop on the market with a true desktop processor, room for 3 solid state drives and a graphics processor that would make a powerful desktop workstation cry.

Accel Series

Powerful, “road warrior” laptops with stronger frames than the competition. More enjoyable computing with sharp LED screens, dedicated graphics cards and solid state drives. Ideal for heavy spreadsheet use, video-intense presentations and for those wanting the power of a desktop computer in a mobile package.

From: $1,139

15.6″ & 17.3″ LED backlit screens

Up to 64 GB of RAM

USB 3.0, 3.1, HDMI output

Up to dual drives (SSD & Standard)

nVIDIA GTX graphics


Accel XG Series

The most powerful laptops on the planet featuring desktop processors, triple solid state drives, nVIDIA GTX 1070M, 1080M, Quadro graphics and up to 64 GB of RAM. Ideal for AutoCAD, 3D modeling and design, engineering and chemical analysis in the field, or as a mobile rendering system for video production.

From: $1,889

Supports Intel Core i7 desktop processors

nVIDIA GTX and Quadro graphics

Up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM

Up to triple drives (SSD & Standard)

15.6″ & 17.3″ LED & IPS backlit screens