Our History

The founders of Nova Mesa Computers were software developers in the 90’s and early 2000’s who created computer-based training programs for companies throughout the USA. Often, we would install a complex training program (lots of video and animation) on a customer’s standard computer and it wouldn’t run quite right. We would end up building new, custom computers for our software customers to run our training programs. In 2009, after many years of software development, we split off the hardware portion of our business into Nova Mesa Computers.

Why buy from Nova Mesa Computers?

You certainly have a lot of choices for computers. Since we all use the same processors (from Intel and AMD), the reason to choose one system builder over another boils down to a few key points, and hence the reason to buy from Nova Mesa:

We build a better computer: We take the time to test different motherboard, memory, network card, etc. combinations and pick the ones that work best together. Much like a winning race car team that uses the best engine parts that perform well together.

More energy efficient: All our power supplies are 80 Plus Certified (the industry standard for extreme power efficiency) to ensure that your computer runs cooler and costs less to operate. And, since our power supplies are more efficient, we can use a lower wattage to save even more on the electricity bill.

Custom and specific requirements? No problem: We custom build to your needs and deliver quickly: Many of our customers chose us since we said “yes” to any special configuration or components they needed to have in their computers. Need a certain network card, graphics card or manufacturer of memory? No problem. And, we have your system ready to go in 4 to 5 days (even with special requests) instead of weeks with other builders.

More testing: As much as we love our computers, we never want to see them again. So, we stress test all computers for at least 24 hours (48 hours for servers and workstations) to make sure all components are ready to handle your workload for years to come. If anything looks out of the ordinary, we can replace and re-test before ever shipping it to you.

Better support: When it comes to service, it’s better to have the people who build the computers helping you out with configuration, setup and troubleshooting. All our support staff work on the assembly floor first to make sure they know everything about computers before they talk with you..

No “bloatware” or “trialware”: The larger manufacturers make money off loading 30-day trials of all kinds of software onto your computer that you don’t want anyway. This “trialware” tends to take up unnecessary power and space on your computer. We only load the operating system and any programs you buy – that’s all.

Better pricing: We don’t have nearly the overhead of the huge manufacturers, so we sell a better computer at a lower price. And, we don’t gouge you on the upgrades.

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“Nova Mesa Builds the units the way we need them for our various departments quickly and support us efficiently.”
– Brandon at Precision Toyota

“Nova Mesa understands computers in business and how they should work together.”
– Robert at Apache Equipment Corporation

“Nova Mesa can be trusted and relied upon in the field of computers and what they can do for a business”
– Robert at Apache Equipment Corporation