The workstation you choose will dramatically affect your AutoCAD® 2017 performance

A professional AutoCAD® workstation accomplishes two important tasks:  rotation & movement and then rendering.  There’s nothing worse than trying to rotate your drawing and having it stutter.  With a professional Sidewinder workstation from Nova Mesa Computers, your AutoCAD® drawings, whether 2D or 3D will move and rotate with fluid-like ease.  Then, when it’s time to render the final AutoCAD® drawing, our workstations have perfectly matched processors, RAM and graphics cards to provide the shortest rendering time.  Because time is money.

Suggested Workstations

Our Sidewinder Workstations use perfectly matched components to maximize AutoCAD® 2017 performance

We benchmark most every combination of the best components to see which one’s work best together.  If you can get a 10% boost in power from using the correct motherboard, RAM and graphics card, that only lets you draw and render that much faster.

Suggested Workstations

A no hassle, knowledgeable service and support team makes for a great AutoCAD® 2017 workstation experience

Even the best AutoCAD® workstation, without responsive and knowledgeable support, becomes a long-term headache.  When you contact Nova Mesa Computers for service and support, you’ll talk to the technicians who actually build the workstations, not someone reading off a script who needs to “contact a level 2 technician”.  Our hardware pro’s really like what they do and are happy to help you configure the perfect workstation to make your creation and rendering time more productive and enjoyable.  3-year on-site and lifetime phone support are included, so we’re ready to help when you need it.

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